High Efficiency. Low Retention Time. Large Capacity. Small Footprint. Who could ask for more?
Our XFD Series Flash Dryers offer a cost-effective means of drying many high-moisture materials.

MCS Flash Dryers may just be the simple solution to your complex Industrial Dehydration equation.

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MCS XFD Series Flash Dryers

What Industrial Flash Drying solutions may we develop for you? We look forward to speaking and working with you.
⚙Are you looking for a Flash Dryer engineered to fulfill your own unique operational demands? MCS is here to serve you.
⚙MCS may be able to develop a custom solution for your individual industrial flash drying needs and requirements.
⚙We specialize in Industrial Dehydration - it's more than just "what we do." It's "who we are."

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XFD-48 Flash Dryer

Our XFD-48 Flash Dryer will be integral to your business success. Click/tap here or on the icon bubble for product details.
⚙Our rugged, simple XFD-48 Flash Dryer design is utilized for rapid dehydration of many problematic, high-moisture matierials.
⚙ALL of our Flash Dryers are finely finished with high-temp paints, insulation and cladding for years of dedicated operation.
⚙The most efficient, hard-wearing, dependable, rugged piece of industrial dehydration equipment for your investment dollars.

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