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XD-96 Rotary Drum Dryer
An XD-96 Mk.1 Rotary Drum Dryer from MCS prepares to enter service.

07.19.2023 - Designed and built for decades of effective, efficient service, this monster is engineered to provide reliable dehydration of massive volumes of high-value product. At MCS, we know you expect more from your equipment investment expenditures, and it's why we design longevity and durability for the "long-haul" into each and every one of our products. The XD-96 Mk.1 will prove itself to be the most valued equipment acquisition in your processing operations. Need more info? Click HERE.

Xt Series Tray Dryer
Our XT Series Tray Dryers Make Dehydration Look Easy.

10.18.2022 - Well, MCS has done it again... we've added one more offering to our stable of Industrial Dehydration technologies. Our XT Series Tray Dryers provide high volume, predictable, thorough and reliable dehydration capabilities. Engineered and built to operate in your most unique processing environments, the XT Series Tray Dryers from Midwest Custom Solutions will deliver countless hours of service in your processing operations. Would you like to learn more? Click HERE.

XD-36 Mk.2
Another XD-36 Mk.2 Enters Service.

08.25.2022 - The XD-36 Rotary Drum Dryer from Midwest Custom Solutions is proving to be a highly valued piece of equipment to our customers and clients in their processing operations. An incredibly strong frame, precision engineered and built flighting, a stainless steel burner assembly, insulated drum and drop-out box, in addition to industry-leading drive systems, gas train and burner installations... how much better can it get? Would you like to learn more? Click HERE.

XFD Series Flash Dryer
Dry in a FLASH... Flash Dried, that is.

06.24.2022 - Midwest Custom Solutions is proud to announce the continued expansion in our portfolio of Industrial Dehydration offerings with the addition of Flash-Drying Technology. When your processing operations require extremely low retention times, however, you're also dealing with higher moisture contents, our Flash Dryer System might just be the solution you've been searching for to solve your complex dehydration equation. Would you like to learn more? Click HERE.

MCS Plasma Table
MCS is utilizing Cutting-Edge Technology... literally.

05.11.2022 - MCS is pleased to announce the arrival and addition of our newest piece of manufacturing equipment. Our friends at Lone Star Cutting Solutions have built an amazing SCOUT plasma table for us to be even more versatile in our product offerings and delivery options. At MCS, we know that "time is money," and we remain stalwart in our commitment to providing the highest quality products delivered in the most timely manner. Would you like to learn more? Click here: lonestarcuttingsolutions.com.

XC Series Dryer/Cooler
Cool... the first XC Series Dryer/Cooler from MCS is on its way.

02.10.2022 - Controlling the temperature and moisture content of your feed pellets during processing and packaging will always be a primary concern while accomplishing your production goals. Failure to remedy pellet moisture content and temperature may lead to condensation during packaging or bulk storage promoting absorption or freezing with subsequent spoilage and breakdown of the product. Sound Familiar? MCS has your solution. Would you like to learn more? Click HERE.

Particulate Collection Hood icon
MCS has you covered in Particulate Collection.

12.16.2021 - If particulate management is part of your operational concerns, Midwest Custom Solutions is here to help you remedy these worrisome conditions. Whether you require equipment similar to this monster or need something smaller, MCS is here to assist you in designing and manufacturing a custom Particulate Collection System which meets your dust and particle remediation requirements while reducing troublesome safety circumstances. Would you like to learn more? Click HERE.

bins icon
Bins Away....

05.14.2021 - While the Storage Bins from Midwest Custom Solutions are one of our "less complex" products, the same attention to detail is paid to outstanding craftsmanship during the assembly process and throughout our finishing applications. All of our Storage Bins are meticulously crafted and finely finished for years of dedicated service in your processing operations. We also offer custom solutions in modifying an existing design to your own precise requirements. Would you like to learn more? Click HERE.

Card image cap
We're LIVE! The Midwest Custom Solutions website is now open for business.

04.08.2021 - The Midwest Custom Solutions website has set sail on the interwebz and we're truly looking forward to this new adventure while discovering where it takes us. As we continue to grow in both product offerings and as a business, be sure to bookmark or favorite the site to keep up-to-date on our rapidly expanding organization. If you have any comments or suggestions on how we may better serve you, please drop us a note or a phone call and we'll do our very best to accommodate.

QuickLift System Icon
Our QuickLift System is a simple solution to a complex issue.

03.09.2021 - The QuickLift System from Midwest Custom Solutions is designed for clean, effective, and efficient offloading of rail cars or trucks with hopper bottoms. We are capable of building to suit your unique, individual requirements and specifications, whether it be in stainless steel or mild steel construction. As with all of our product line, the QuickLift System is designed to make your operations run more efficiently, effectively and easier. Would you like to learn more? Click HERE.

XD-36 Icon
An XD-36 is heading to work.

03.01.2021 - This beauty just left the Midwest Custom Solutions facilities and is on it's way to work doing what it does best... Industrial Drying. The XD-36 Drum Dryer from MCS is designed for effective, efficient operation and will be considered one of your most valued pieces of equipment in your processing operations. Quality materials. Artful fabrication. Muscle-bound frame and drive system. Industry-leading paints, seals and finishes. What more could you ask for? Would you like to learn more? Click HERE.

CS Series Icon
This "small wonder" is ready to deliver.

02.25.2021 - Another 4in. Screw Conveyor leaves the MCS facilities. This is a small and elegant solution for a client who needed a custom and specialized material delivery system. Equipped with sight windows to ensure proper material delivery, this design was originally engineered to transfer corn starch. Industry-leading drive systems and serviceable bearings come standard on all of our screw conveyors. What type of Custom Solution may we develop for you?  Would you like to learn more? Click HERE.

Bale Shredder Icon
The BEAST Lives....

11.10.2020 - The Bale Shredder from Midwest Custom Solutions is a true monster, indeed. Engineered and manufactured to chew through 60in. bales, this machine has proven itself to be a valued investment to our clients who are now enjoying the benefits it offers. The rapid and thorough devouring of continuously fed bales is accomplished with shredder blades powered by a ruggedized drive system mounted on a muscle-bound framework. Would you like to learn more? Click HERE.

XF Sereis Fan Icon
Not Just another blast of HOT AIR.

10.23.2020 - An additional 40in. High-Efficiency Fan leaves the Midwest Custom Solutions facilities and is on it's way to years of dependable service. A precision balanced fan rotor, industry-leading rotor shaft bearings, high-quality drive motor and burly design provides for plentiful worry-free, silky-smooth, and highly-efficient operation. If you're ready to work with an organization which designs and builds it's fans for the highest return on your investment dollars, give us a call! Need more info? Click HERE.

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