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XC Series Dryer/Cooler
MCS delivers on drying and cooling technologies.

Controlling the temperature and moisture content of your feed pellets during processing and packaging will always be a primary concern while accomplishing your production goals. The XC Series Dryer/Coolers from MCS are the perfect solution to simultaneously reducing and conditioning pellet temperature while precisely metering the moisture content within your processed feed pellets. Would you like to learn more about MCS XC Sereis Dryer/Coolers? Click HERE.

Dust Collection System
MCS Particulate Collection Systems are keeping it clean.

Airborne dust and particulate is more than just annoying in your processing operations, it's a worrisome safety concern. If left unaddressed, it could lead to a deflagration event resulting in enormous damage to your facilities an personnel. MCS is here to assist you in ensuring this will never happen with our Particulate Collection Systems and uncompromising commitment to your safe business practices. Would you like to learn more about MCS Particulate Collection Systems? Click HERE.

Acoustic Attenuation Enclosures
MCS Acoustic Attenuation Enclosures keep your operations running quiet.

Are you searching for a solution to compressor or generator noise suppression in your processing operations? Midwest Custom Solutions is here to assist you with enclosures designed to suit your particular needs and requirements. Your enclosure will be finely crafted and finished with industry-leading materials, paints, the necessary lifting lugs and specific anechoic panel installation to ensure proper sound reduction. Would you like to learn more about MCS Acoustic Attenuation Enclosures? Click HERE.

QuickLift System
The QuickLift System from MCS is going to make life easier for you.

The QuickLift System from Midwest Custom Solutions is designed for clean, effective, and efficient offloading of rail cars or trucks with hopper bottoms. We are capable of building to suit your unique, individual requirements, specifications and operational demands, whether it be in stainless steel or mild steel construction, painted or natural metal finish. Would you like to learn more about the QuickLift System from MCS? Click HERE.

XD-36 Rotary Drum Dryer
The XD-36 from MCS will be the jewel of your operation.

Industrial Drying at its finest, our XD-36 is one of the most rugged and durable pieces of gear available for your investment dollars. The XD-36 Drum Dryer from MCS is designed for effective, efficient operation and will be considered one of your most valued pieces of equipment in your processing operations. Quality materials. Artful fabrication. Muscle-bound frame and drive system. Industry-leading paints, seals and finishes. What more could you ask for? Would you like to see more? Click HERE.

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