Who are we? Soooo... have you ever seen the movie, "The Wizard of Oz?"
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Yeah, that ain't us.

Oh, sure, we've heard all of the jokes and humorous quips about living in Kansas and "the Land of Oz." If you think you've got a new one, send it to us... we're always up for a good laugh!

Yeah, we know we're located smack dab in the middle of "Tornado Ally" which runs through the heartland of our nation. However, we have so much open range here, we consider "twisters" to be more a form of "spectator sport" than a worrisome concern.

No, we don't really have "yellow brick roads," however, we do boast of our countless acres of golden wheat, green corn and white cotton fields, and we're proud to play a major role in providing food for the global marketplace.

In Kansas, we enjoy being "different."

We come from a "hearty stock" of people here with endless stories of overcoming unheard of challenges utilizing our centuries-old "pioneering spirit."

Forging ahead when so many others would gladly and willingly turn back is no stranger to us. Getting our hands dirty and working hard to fulfill our commitments to others remains to be a paramount concern.

Freedom and Liberty are served in ample portions here, right beside home-cooked meals, spectacular sunrises and sunsets, and a breathtaking horizon which appears to span for eternity.

So, yeah, you could say we're "different" here in Kansas... but that's the way we like it. It's what we do. It's who we are.

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At MCS, we enjoy being "different," too.

Midwest Custom Solutions believes you'll be able to tell after your first conversation with us. We think you'll appreciate our "down-home, no nonsense" kind of "different," too, and the true difference we can bring to your own business operations.

It's part of our "history" here... part of "who we are," and we proudly carry on a legacy of "old-world" work ethics coupled with the most cutting-edge technology within our industry today. All while serving others with business values and professional integrity from years gone by.

We are honored and determined to carry on these same values - this same "pioneering spirit" - in our product lines and business practices. We think you'll see and appreciate the difference. Give us a call and meet your new "best friend."

We diligently strive to make all we interact with on a daily basis better through thoughtful implementation of innovative design, attention to detail for improved efficiencies, and studied practices for increased profitability with decreased expenses for our customers and clients.

Sound like a lofty business endeavor? It is. However, we're up to the challenge and look forward to serving our clients, customers, and industry with equipment, products and service which proves such a bold statement true.

We endeavor to design and manufacture innovative, quality, precision equipment which positively impacts our customers and clients, our community, our industry, our country, and our world.

Grandpa always said, "It ain't braggin' if ya can do it." We fully intend to honor this truism understanding the impact our products and equipment have on our industry and your bottom-line. The responsibility is not one we take lightly and we will continually aspire to fulfill your highest expectations.


... because you NEED it for timely equipment installs, improved operational efficiencies,  and increased profits in your business practices. We know you expect PRECISION from your equipment suppliers, machinery acquisitions, and gear selections.


... because you WANT your equipment expenditures to last over time with worry-free operation and limited down-time in costly maintenance. We know you expect QUALITY when investing in equipment for your business and operating processes.


... because you ENJOY sporting this personal trait yourself and appreciate your interactions with business partners who exemplify a high degree of honor and respect in their daily practices. We know you expect INTEGRITY in your daily business relationships where trust is pivotal to your profitable operations.

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So what does all this mean to you?

There is an old axiom which states: "If one can be trusted with the 'small stuff,' how much more can that same individual be trusted with the 'big stuff.'"

It's the same philosophy we implement in the design and manufacture of all our products and equipment. We know and understand that even the most minute detail or inconsequential component could be the difference between tremendous success or catastrophic failure for our clients.

Take this "accessory mounting fixture," for example. To some, it might appear to be a non-critical component to the overall functionality of this piece of equipment.

To us, however, we know how much you depend on our attention to detail in providing appropriate durability in all aspects of our product design and extraordinary ruggedization where it matters most in our manufactured equipment.

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It's just as simple as that.

Oh, sure, we could take some short-cuts to speed-up our engineering processes and production procedures, however, we would be falling short of not only our expectations but, more importantly, yours.

That's just not "who we are."

Who we are is a small group of highly specialized professionals with decades of theoretical and applied experience driven by our "pioneering spirit" to propel us to the forefront of our industry.

We're fiercely and adamantly determined to "do it better" than anyone else within our sphere of influence. Our work ethic and business approach may be "old-school," however, our products and services are "cutting-edge."

What you get is the "best of both worlds." We think you'll approve and enjoy your business experience with us - give us a call or drop us an email to savor the Reawakening of "Made in America."

Still haven't found what you're looking for? Give us a call and we'll talk about it - we are here to serve you.

Feel free to reach-out to us using our Contact page and we will be happy to answer your questions or concerns. We look forward to speaking with you!

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